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I was in the mood and just recorded a (full :P) cover of "Walking On Both Sides" by Pink Turns Blue. Well, not exactly "my" music but whatever.

I used a drum machine program, my Gretsch 5129, a 5 Watt Fender tube amp with just a volume control, a microphone and my old crappy strat copy as a bass stand-in because I don't own a bass. I removed the two middle strings because I use it mainly to play B52s stuff. I tuned the bass strings down quite a bit and with a little EQ-tweaking it now sounds like a bass. Voila. Enjoy. Or not.

(remastered version)

Original is here:


And here it is again, the issue with embedding sound like youtube clips. SoundCloud seems promising but I cannot get my head around if it is free to upload there or not.

Something must be done!

(I am downloading the track right now... bbl)
Some really sweet guitar play there!

As for hopefully constructive criticism (actually only after listening to the original) it could use some mastering. The drums could stand out more, be more distinct. Bring forth the singing more. It sounds a little distant. You have a very special voice that deserves no less.

Great stuff! Moar! Also, +++ for a complete track ;)

Oh, by the way, have you ever used Propellerhead's products? They are doing beta tests of their new product Record 1.5 and Reason 5 (which means you can sign up for free). For me these products make me whole. Record is awesome for guitar play and singing too, because they have built in amplifiers from Line 6 so you can toy around with the sounds. Check out their youtube clips if you have not!


(as a side note I basically only use my laptop now days. Nothing more is needed =) )


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I really liked that last one, awesome stuff! Do you have something like myspace, where its easier to have access to your musics?


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Did I say thanks? Thanks. *bump*